Released Valleybomber into the App Store

As Cocos2D (for Objective C) is dead. I need to move on with another framework that will suit my needs. My eye has fallen on LibGDX and Godot engine. The first thing I had know is :

  • Does it run on iOS?
  • Does it support tiled tilemaps?
  • Does it have an ActionSequence framework like Cocos2D?

LibGdx does tick the boxes in all categories, but I needed to see it for myself.
I had to make a small game to see if it could be published on iOS…
And yes it does!

See the result here :


It is in the App Store here :

Valleybomber in the App Store

Well.. Libgdx supports tilemaps and it has a form of Actionsequences.
The only thing is that it looks kinda slow. And that’s a bit disappointing coming from very fast Objective C.

Next Godot!

LipSync in The Lost Adventures

A lot I invested in creating dialogues because it is one of the greatest gameplay features in Point and Click adventures alongside puzzles.

My characters lacked believable mouth movement and that bugged me. So after I found the right software to do this, I added lipsync to my point and click adventure engine. But I needed to invest a great deal in tooling to be able to support a quick pipeline of voice recording files to in game voice acting.

I have lip-syncing for over quite a few months, but I finally made it stable in the last weeks.

I recently started adding some youtube videos recording the progress of the game and ‘LipSync’ is the first episode…. Here it is :



Added a funny dialog to ‘The Lost Adventures’

As the Lost Adventures is a very lengthy project (1yrs & and a few months now). I decided to make a special dialog, just for fun.

Everybody that codes nowadays have heard of a site called Stack overflow

Off course it’s bad practice to use this site too much, but it’s sometimes convenient to use when you are stuck with a problem. Especially when the error message are confusing and totally meaningless.

I made this after I had frustratingly looked at an error in my game and luckily stackoverflow helped me fix that.