Hardware wants to meet Software

The last couple of months of 2019 I did some serious woodworking. And I must say that I am very pleased with how my creation looks like.

It’s what people call a bartop arcade cabinet. Well I could tell you all about but some pictures say more than a thousand words, so here it is!

I made this with the help of this youtube video.

To prove I actually made this… Some screens of the process ! The controls are REAL happ controls imported from America (about 10 years ago!) So finally made this! Yeah!

Well I’ve played some serious old school games and it was heaps of fun I will tell you!. So why don’t you make your own?

But what if you could make your own game and play it on a cabinet like this. That really tops releasing a game on mobile platforms. But what game could you make that uses that many buttons?

Well I haven chosen a defender like game without the quirks of the original Defender. And the name I have chosen is (again) Psirens!
Wanna see some early screenshot? Yeah Ok!

Spaceship barely missed the green invader!

Well the basics are done and it used real Box2D physics (never did this before) and the framework is Libgdx. The acceleration was the hardest part and I was really happy how that worked out. Now I have to make the gameplay with the help of Libgdx AI extensions. And the scoringsystem… And more levels… And I have to map the controls…. Do I even have the time for this? Releasedate 2036? I really don’t know…. But as long as it’s fun. Next post I will upload some video in youtube and show that in a post!




Topotablet for Android is finally here!

After the release of Valleybomber I thought it would be nice to make a multiplatform remake of my most downloaded app, named Topotablet.

Here is the proof  (hmmm it’s dutch!):

Topotablet Google Playstore

Topotablet Google Playstore

It’s a topography game that let’s you find cities all over the world. The time is ticking though, so hurry!

Click on the image above to visit the store to donwload it. It’s free!

The development was done in many stages, and it will be used to show how a LibGdx game is actually made.

The old version is IOS only, and is somewhat different. I will release the same version when IOS 13 has found it’s way to a lot of people. I know that if I submit this update the Apple reviewing people will be very strict on a lot of things. And then it will take ages before I pass the review.


Valleybomber is in the Google playstore

Valleybomber is a kind of Libgdx project to see if it is as platform independent as it can be. I downloaded all SDK’s went through the pain of simulators and adb issues. Default the Libgdx has a very old platform version (23 I think), so that was giving me a headache. Signing the apk was easy in Intellij IDE. And the Google Playstore was,  (in comparison to the Apple Developer portal) an absolute breeze!

Download it! It’s free.

Macbook Air has reached almost 900 of 1000 cycles

My trusty macbook air has reached 876 of the 1000 supported charge cycles so I am going to replace it with a brand new battery to prevent it from failing. Luckily those batteries are easy to find and order.

I thought my MBA (Mid 2012) wasn’t eligible to run OSX Mojave but it is included in the compatibility list. So that gave me thinking. How many years has this laptop left. It runs as smoothly as I bought it. Well I cleaned my SSD (small 128GB SSD). Upgraded to OSX Mojave (took almost an hour). It is a great little machine and the keyboard is better than the butterfly keyboard on the more recent Macbooks. So I think it deserves a new lease of life (at least for a possible 1.5 years before a new MacOSX will be released).

The second thing I wanted to do, was to upgrade the SSD. It always bugged me that I had to clean files on a daily basis. So what was possible? And more importantly, can I still find parts for that particular model? Well I did find it and it works great!

So I followed two of these guides (actually performed the two upgrades in one go) with the help of iFixit.

As you can see, the battery is still in fairly good shape, although you can see some bulges. The plastic where the screws are placed were so brittle that they fell apart. Probably from 7 years of those cozy warm batteries.

This is really a simple upgrade, only make sure you don’t loose any screws! And take it slow, why would you rush this?

After that it was selecting a wifi point, wait very long before the repair screen comes up (so don’t worry). Don’t forget to partition the disk before restoring the OS (the restoretool wont see the disk until you do). The tool complained that a direct restore from Timemachine was not possible , so I did a fresh install.

When I bought this, it had OSX Lion on it (wow thats old), so it will be recovered with that OS version. After that I needed to upgrade Lion to Mountain Lion, because the App store does not function properly on Lion. I was very pleased that after that step Mojave was visible in the App Store. So that took about an hour to get that OSX version on the system again.

Final Step : Recovering my Timemachine backup and fixing Applications

Ok, recovery did not work at the beginning, but I knew it would once Mojave was installed on my system.The only thing was that all Applications that have a deep integration with the system broke. IntelliJ, Appcode, Webstorm,Filezilla. Reinstalling repaired everything in mere minutes. So JOY!

Here are some stats to prove it worked! And surprisingly the SSD write speed has improved from 280MB/s to 480MB/s ! How nice!

And look at that cycle count! It is one again! Hurrah!