The Lost Adventures is released in the AppStore ! Oh Yeah!

After almost three years of development. A point and click adventure completely made from scratch. If I remember correctly it started with this starter template on Ray Wenderlich… Wow! This template project still exists ! You can find it here.

I really enjoyed making this game, but at the end I worried that I would not be able to publish it. For this game I used Cocos2D Objective C. That was abandoned in 2014 and does not have the best support for the latest hardware (All iPhones with a notch are problematic… please Apple get rid of that!).

All games from me, me, me ........

The right corner shows my latest game

It’s an attempt to create a classic point and click (pixel-artistic) adventure game. It is intended to have multiple short adventures for the casual gamer and will get more releases in the future. Well enough talking… It is universal so you can play it on all iPhones and iPads that can run iOS 8.  See for yourself because……..

It’s free , and you can click below to download!


Last Bug Squashed!

On my bugs todo list there was still ONE bug remaining. It had something to do with touch. Bugs are mostly easy to solve, but touch bugs are a … little touchy. I will describe the bug in detail. When you select an action verb like ‘Look At’ and you wanted to look at something in the gameworld, but you changed your mind and you wanted to walk to somewhere else, you would stick to the ground as if your soles were nailed to the floor.

Dave will die if can’t walk

Eventually it was a boolean that was unnecessary but blocked walking around.


Testing, testing, testing….

The Lost Adventures is finally getting into a releasable state. Major bugs are solved and game assets are polished to the max. The only task remaining is testing it on a variety of devices that can have a lot of different sizes. Over the years I collected quite some iDevices. The Lost Adventures is a universal compatible game targeting iOS8 till current iOS version (now 12). I discovered that the game didn’t run smoothly on the lowest specced device show below, and that’s the iPad Mini 1. In the last post I mentioned that this was a problem in the A* algorithm I used. It was really slow and not  optimized. Now it runs OK on that iPad. On all devices I get a decent framerate! And the game is compatible, I still need to check  for memory leaks though!

Revisiting AStar performance

I was testing on an ipad Mini 1 and saw there was a noticable lag when the pathfinding had to do its work. I always knew this was not optimally coded. It also was a lot of code, and a lot of code is hard to optimize. So I integrated another AStar implementation into my game that runs much faster. To notice the lag more evidently I zoomed my map  out for a factor of 4 to reach a far away target tile.

Astar was bogging down my FPS

Now it runs smoothly on low end iOS 9 compatible devices like the iphone 5 and ipad air and up.

See the difference in this video :