What’s in a name? Title will be “The Lost Adventures”

It is chosen the title for my upcoming adventure this way because I have learned the hard way that chosing a snazzy name for your game will make it harder to discover in the Appstore(s). My previous game was called Blooneycounter, I thought this was a great name and I sticked with it in the end. But nobody searches on blooney! Maybe people will search on count, but that’s it, basically. The title for the game Whamblambomb was also a stupid mistake. I wanted a unique name, and that it is is really obvious, but it’s not a wise thing to do. My first game was called Topotablet and did well, although it also has an uncommon name. Maybe it’s sheer luck or the quality of the game, or the niche category to which it belongs. I don’t know really. But choosing a good name is important I suppose. Hopefully I chose the right name, if people search for a adventure, voila it’s there. I am still doubting though “The Lost Adventures”  or “Lost Adventures”?

How the idea for the Lost Adventures was born…

Developing a new game is hard and the level of ambition is higher than ever. My interest in an adventure game was always there. But I really started after I played Fester Mudd on the iPad. What a greatly executed game. Too bad it shut down making the second level. I think there is a nice niche to the genre on iOs device. But off course its a gamble and the thing that will really drive you is fun in making it. Not making money. So thats a hard decision. But I decided to put through and make the best of it.

designChoices banner Game Development

Design choice 1 : What tool to use for showing the “rooms” in my adventure

I thought very hard about this, because it manages quite some assets in your game. The benefit of having a tool and a framework (I use Cocos2D and SpriteKit for my projects)  that supports this was new to me. Click on the Tiled logo and download it yourself. One of the drawbacks of Tiled is that it fixes the game to a certain projection, called Orthographic projection. So the game could look awkward at first. But it also makes a lot of stuff easier. Let me explain… All lines are parallel, there is no vanishing point. Many adventure games don’t use such projections, there are more artsy and free of any projection at all. But I chose for the RPG kind of style. The type of projection I used looks the most like picture 6 and has such an angle of about 45 degrees with the X-axis. Well as you see, it won’t hurt the visuals that much and one of the benefits is that you can zoom in and out in the game. This is impossible with “artsy” adventures. A problem with tiled maps is Zordering. I will tell about this in another blog post how to fix that… Posted by franzzle

Topotablet 3.5 Released in AppStore

A new revamped version is finally released. The work on this version is very important as it opens up oppertunities to an iPhone release and work on a multiplayer version. Multiplayer support (Peer to Peer Matchmaking) development has already started and is looking good right now. Also some bugs in the handling of strange characters were found this should be fixed. Otherwise the leaderboard will crash eventually. So it’s still not perfect….! But what is?

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