Topotablet 3 on showcase

Last year I bought the excellent tool Texturepacker. With this tool you can create texture atlases (use to create spritesheets for animation for example).

They decided to show how many games used their tool.

Go here to see how Topotablet used texture packer to create it’s assets.

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Bought C++ Primer Plus Book

Bought a very highly rated book named C++ Primer Plus.

It will aid me finish my iPad app named TopoTablet as well as improving my porting knowledge.

And ofcourse it is always good to learn more development languages (now the third after C# and Java).

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TopoTablet v2.0 submitted to AppStore

Finally the second version of TopoTablet has been submitted to the AppStore.

I was not completely satisfied with the first version, it was a little shaky, had some memory issues and had some serious gameplay problems.

Menu screen to totable v2.0

This version is completely made with Xcode 4 in objective c.

Cocos2D is used for all those backgrounds, sprites movement, fonts etc….

The game also has some new features:

  • An online hi-score system (created with google app engine). If there is no internet connection the highscores are stored on the iPad.
  • A hint system. There are three hints that show the direction to fly (for every 20 places found a new hint is supplied).
Future enhancements could be:
  • Additional places and capitals could be downloaded within the app.
  • A scrollable hi-score list
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Started creating a reading game!

Started creating a new game, and this time it is a reading game! The goal of the game is to teach 4-7 year olds to read (but elders could use it too!).

As you can see it looks very simple and looks like an old fashioned desktop with cards.

The idea is a very simple and kids will automatically know how it works and start exploring, reading and earning rewards.

I will not give more details about the gameplay because that’s not completely settled yet.

I am developing it while kids are playing,testing and using it, and that give some new insight how kids learn to read actually…..

It will be available on iPad,iPhone and Android phones and tablet (it will probably be a paid app for this time!).

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Google app engine service

I have created a working web-service last week with the help of  Google app engine and the google project WSS.

Really easy to setup with your existing Gmail-account.

I simply created a java bean, generated an xsd from that, created a datastore to store or fetch things and voila, a working service!

And the neat thing is that it runs 24/7, so you can use that to service data for your connected mobile app (android or iOS driven, whatever)!

For now I use this service to provide the two iOS apps I am working on with an online hi-score table.

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Bought an iPad

Bought an iPad about two days ago.

Started creating a game for my tablet with Dragonfire SDK  It’s a simple API and in one evening I got good results….

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