How the development of The Lost Adventures began…

Developing a new adventure game is pretty hard stuff and I was reluctant to make this because of the time it will take to make it playable. However my interest making an adventure game was always in the back of my mind. But I really started  tinkering with the idea after I played Fester Mudd on the iPad.

What a greatly executed game. It was too bad it shut down making the second level. I think there is a nice niche to the genre on iOS devices (if you count some pixel art goodies there are about ten or so).  But I think this adventure didn’t sell well because people are flooded with big studio crap that is forced on them. The studio that made this game expected some more revenue from this and slashed the sequel because of that.

I do not have this (money)constraint on making this adventure game, the only thing that could stop the development is :

  • Time
  • Motivation

But I think this is not a big problem. Once you have a core adventure engine. Adding rooms is as if you are adding a new game every time….

Well, let’s make it happen!


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