Design choice 1 : What tool to use for showing the “rooms” in my adventure

I thought very hard about this, because it manages quite some assets in your game. The benefit of having a tool and a framework (I use Cocos2D and SpriteKit for my projects)  that supports this was new to me. Click on the Tiled logo and download it yourself.


One of the drawbacks of Tiled is that it fixes the game to a certain projection, called Orthographic projection. So the game could look awkward at first. But it also makes a lot of stuff easier. Let me explain…

Graphical_projection_comparisonAll lines are parallel, there is no vanishing point. Many adventure games don’t use such projections, there are more artsy and free of any projection at all. But I chose for the RPG kind of style. The type of projection I used looks the most like picture 6 and has such an angle of about 45 degrees with the X-axis.

screenieWell as you see, it won’t hurt the visuals that much and one of the benefits is that you can zoom in and out in the game. This is impossible with “artsy” adventures.

A problem with tiled maps is Zordering. I will tell about this in another blog post how to fix that…

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