New version of Topotablet (3.5) is coming this month (Januari 2014)

It’s a mayor update to my first iOS game Topotablet. This version will be smoother and the gameplay will change a bit. The world map is rendered using a more memory efficient technique in cocos2d. Every tile that is not shown, is unloaded from memory and is thus keeping the memory usage down. This allows for the future to show a bigger map, and it allows a smoother scrolling experience. The other thing that changes is the way the heli flies at the edges of the world. A the edge the heli doesn’t fly to the other side but flies to the edge of the map without scrolling in both directions simultaneously.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 31 Dec 2013 22.28.19

The line shown is the border of the map, and as you can see the heli can move towards the edge but the black borders from the previous versions are not shown anymore. The game looks more polished than ever, and it’s start for the next improvement…. Multiplayer!


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