Psirens converted to XNA 4.0

Psirens is converted to XNA 4.0, and it was about a half day to get it running.

It looks like crap (culling, shading and transparancy problems). This will take some time to fix….


Here is a collection of links to help with the XNA 3.1 to 4.0 conversion:

The blog of shawn hargreaves explains a lot so check his entire site for info.

Video grab for Psirens

Created a video of Psirens with fraps. A very good video-capturer of in game action.

Moonrocks threatening the earth…

Placed the procedural asteroids around the earth sphere. Added rotation, direction and speed. I was wondering if the procedural texturing would make the system bog down.

But it didn’t, so it won’t break a sweat on the Xbox 360 either I suppose. What takes a bit longer on the Xbox however is the creation of the rocks.

But that is probably because of the poor floating point performance of the Xbox.

I guess the Moon is finished…..

Rocky asteroids part III

Expanded the rock shader with some ambient lighting. This makes the asteroid look less flat and show some more of the structure.

This is medium complex asteroid that still looks a bit dark, but looks detailed from a distance.

This is the highest complex rock. It looks like coal. It is probably a good idea to add some white parts that looks like ICE.