Look Ma – It’s shiny!!

Updated the procedural rock and awesome shader to create bumps on the rock and now finally it looks great. The inspiration for this all was the opengl shader from Cave3d, a very inspirational google project that shows some fantastic… Read More

Overwhelmed by awesome rock

Can it get better that this? This looks real enough for me…… It’s a shader with bling-phong lighting model. The diffuse and normals are blended together. The model only has position and normal data. No UV-mapping!!!

Psirens converted to XNA 4.0

Psirens is converted to XNA 4.0, and it was about a half day to get it running. It looks like crap (culling, shading and transparancy problems). This will take some time to fix…. Here is a collection of… Read More

Video grab for Psirens

Created a video of Psirens with fraps. A very good video-capturer of in game action.