Hardware wants to meet Software

The last couple of months of 2019 I did some serious woodworking. And I must say that I am very pleased with how my creation looks like. It’s what people call a bartop arcade cabinet. Well I could… Read More

Procedurally textured planets

Latest development is procedural planet textures. The textures map seamlessly on a 3D sphere and the procedure to create them comes from this. Ported some of this code to c# and created some examples of how they look: Earth-like… Read More

Big milestone

A very big milestone. The Rock shader I was working on is finally complete. With a lot of trial and error the triplanar bump mapping works togethers with the specular reflections. Lighting is now correct. And I created… Read More

Earth’s beauty

Aaah this is the most beautiful thing. Earths atmosphere…. Spent hours creating a good UV sphere.