Testing, testing, testing….

The Lost Adventures is finally getting into a releasable state. Major bugs are solved and game assets are polished to the max. The only task remaining is testing it on a variety of devices that can have a… Read More

Revisiting AStar performance

I was testing on an ipad Mini 1 and saw there was a noticable lag when the pathfinding had to do its work. I always knew this was not optimally coded. It also was a lot of code,… Read More

Final Push with Icon Hell

I am going to the gruesome phase of the final push towards the Apple App store. It is fun to make a game, but it ain’t fun to get all the other assets in the game in order… Read More

Released Valleybomber into the App Store

As Cocos2D (for Objective C) is dead. I need to move on with another framework that will suit my needs. My eye has fallen on LibGDX and Godot engine. The first thing I had know is : Does… Read More