Bought an iPad

Bought an iPad about two days ago. Started creating a game for my tablet with Dragonfire SDK¬† It’s a simple API and in one evening I got good results….

Realtime planet renderer opengl Youtube

A small update shown via Youtube. Some progress but still a lot to before I can make progress on the XNA implementation  

Normals working in Realtime Planet Renderer

A small improvement on the Realtime planet rendering front. Normals are working and the lighting now really hits off the planet. It looks a bit dull right now but texturing is the next big thing. And off course… Read More

Franzzle game font

I have created a true type with a nifty tool named¬†Scanahand What this tool does is take a sheet of characters (created by hand and scanned in) detect the edges and transform it into a TTF font! The… Read More