Create a nice little Christmas App

Every year we play a presents game with Christmas. The game goes like this: Throw a dice. The rolled dice number means a specific action should be made, like pickup a present, open present etc. The second round… Read More

The Truth and nothing butt

This is absolutely true. I need one of these! But with one addition : a link to this site otherwise it will never go up!

Bought C++ Primer Plus Book

Bought a very highly rated book named C++ Primer Plus. It will aid me finish my iPad app named TopoTablet as well as improving my porting knowledge. And ofcourse it is always good to learn more development languages… Read More

Google app engine service

I have created a working web-service last week with the help of  Google app engine and the google project WSS. Really easy to setup with your existing Gmail-account. I simply created a java bean, generated an xsd from that, created… Read More