Hardware wants to meet Software

The last couple of months of 2019 I did some serious woodworking. And I must say that I am very pleased with how my creation looks like. It’s what people call a bartop arcade cabinet. Well I could… Read More

Topotablet for Android is finally here!

After the release of Valleybomber I thought it would be nice to make a multiplatform remake of my most downloaded app, named Topotablet. Here is the proof  (hmmm it’s dutch!): It’s a topography game that let’s you find… Read More

Valleybomber is in the Google playstore

Valleybomber is a kind of Libgdx project to see if it is as platform independent as it can be. I downloaded all SDK’s went through the pain of simulators and adb issues. Default the Libgdx has a very… Read More

Macbook Air has reached almost 900 of 1000 cycles

My trusty macbook air has reached 876 of the 1000 supported charge cycles so I am going to replace it with a brand new battery to prevent it from failing. Luckily those batteries are easy to find and… Read More