Released Valleybomber into the App Store

As Cocos2D (for Objective C) is dead. I need to move on with another framework that will suit my needs. My eye has fallen on LibGDX and Godot engine. The first thing I had know is :

  • Does it run on iOS?
  • Does it support tiled tilemaps?
  • Does it have an ActionSequence framework like Cocos2D?

LibGdx does tick the boxes in all categories, but I needed to see it for myself.
I had to make a small game to see if it could be published on iOS…
And yes it does!

See the result here :


It is in the App Store here :

Valleybomber in the App Store

Well.. Libgdx supports tilemaps and it has a form of Actionsequences.
The only thing is that it looks kinda slow. And that’s a bit disappointing coming from very fast Objective C.

Next Godot!

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