TopoTablet for Ipad

Started creating a game for my ipad about one month ago. These screenies show some progress.

The game is loosely based on Topo for the C64. Oddly enough it’s created by C.Kramer, and my name is F.Kramer (what a strange coincidence). See Youtube for the gameplay.

The next is a screenie of topotablet game running on the DragonFire SDK Emulator. Because each build should be uploaded to the buildserver of Dragonfire this meant uploading around 15 mb every time I wanted to created a build. So I decided to make very lossly compressed images (and removed the detail) of the world map. Now each build is around 2Mb in size.

Heli animation is done. I want to create a crisp font for this game, but this is a lot of work (especially because there are no font editors avaiable).

The animation for the city is ready too. The only things remaining are a menu, game logic and a highscore table.


This is an artist impression of the app on an iPad (rendered). You can barely see the heli…

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Mentos the freshmaker

I have finally found enough time to look at some problems with the planetary engine I am working on.
One of them was the clipping of the parts of the planet. Some parts were shown when others were not.
The second was that there were more holes in the geometry than swiss cheese. This was because the geometry rendering was not correct.

Mentos planet


It should be very round to look like a planet, but It really looks like mentos candy right now. The above picture was ripped from my planetary engine and rendered in my favourite 3d program to really look at he geometry.

IMore holes in it than cheese

Above you can see a lot of geometry was missing. This was due to the amount of primitives I gave for the set of indices in DrawUserIndexPrimitives.If you are drawing Trianglestrips then you need to have two vertices to start the trianglestrip and after that 1 index for each triangle in the strip.It’s explained very clearly in Riemers article about it.

This is a screenshot from my planetary engine. It runs about 5 to 60 fps, so that’s not very stable.

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