The Bomber and You. It's an eternal battle!!! Take control in this 2D multitouch arcade game. The bomber is on the loose, stop him in his tracks! The bomber is mad and will frantically run from left to right and drop bombs where you don't expect them to be. He is a bit slow in the beginning but as you bombard him with ammunition he will pump up the speed. An arsenal of diverse Ammo is available to you. Freeze him, zap him, set him on fire. Use all of them strategically to advance to the next level and to keep yourself in the game. Damage him and score those extra points. Challenge your friend to beat your score.

    In your game you will find :
  • Cannon,gun,snowballs,sticky bombs,turtles,anesthetic needles
  • Gorgeous Backdrops
  • Haunting background music
  • Game Center leaderboards
  • Game Center achievements