Procedural planet

am working on a planetary engine (a real time procedural planet engine) for use in my space simulator space engine shooter adventure.

The planet rendering code is ported from IUE

As you can see there is a lot to do:

  • Add texturing
  • Fix Gaps in the patches
  • Elevation data does not seem to get through
  • Fix all problems related to OpenGL porting to Directx (XNA)
  • Performance (now around 10 fps)
  • Camera movement and other rendering problems
  • A lot, lot more….

But for the first try to port this thing it’s actually a quite good result. I am also making a C# – OpenGL port to make the transition of the procedural geometry generation easier.

Procedurally textured planets

Latest development is procedural planet textures.

The textures map seamlessly on a 3D sphere and the procedure to create them comes from this.

Ported some of this code to c# and created some examples of how they look:

Earth-like planet with a lot of water

Mars-like planet with a lot of ICE?

And this is how they look mapped on a sphere and with atmospheric scattering!!

The nice thing is that they look much better than photographs of existing planets.

And off course they can be generated in all different sizes and colors.


Big milestone

A very big milestone. The Rock shader I was working on is finally complete.

With a lot of trial and error the triplanar bump mapping works togethers with the specular reflections. Lighting is now correct.

And I created a new skybox because it’s getting boring looking at the same sky over and over again.

Will release the hlsl shader soon….

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