Created a build number script to The Lost Adventures title screen

I was sick of guessing how recent the installed version of The Lost Adventures was on my iDevices. So I made an Xcode pre-build script that writes the Git commit number plus a date/time  to a simple txt file. This is picked up and shown on the main title screen. I thought I did more commits last year… But maybe I didn’t commit at the start of the project…? That could be… Vacation….? Anyway, nice…!  

Topotablet 3.5 Released in AppStore

A new revamped version is finally released. The work on this version is very important as it opens up oppertunities to an iPhone release and work on a multiplayer version. Multiplayer support (Peer to Peer Matchmaking) development has already started and is looking good right now. Also some bugs in the handling of strange characters were found this should be fixed. Otherwise the leaderboard will crash eventually. So it’s still not perfect….! But what is?

Lees en Schuif meegedaan aan meesterapp verkiezingen

Lees en Schuif (mijn nieuwe educatieve) heeft meegedaan aan de meesterapp verkiezingen. Erg leuk, niet gewonnen maar een leerzame ervaring om ook andere educatieve apps te ontdekken. Ook heb ik daarbij eduapp.nl ontdekt waar ik al mijn apps heb aangemeld. Alle beetjes helpen want het is lastig om op te vallen tussen al die geweldige apps

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