BlooneyCounter is a game for players of all ages and besides counting with your head it also tests your motor skills.

The objective is to hit the correct numbers as quickly as possible until the sum is completed. When you sum up the numbers correctly you vehicle will go up. The vehicle can be a balloon, an airship, a lunar lander or a boat. Each vehicle has a different target and the target needs to be hit in a different way for each vehicle.

But beware! Every time the sum is incorrect, your vehicle goes down, you could crash, and it could be game over for you. Shoot, zap and intercept the targets as good as possible, so you could achieve a good score. Share your best score and your stats with your friends or your parents.

Adults can also play Blooneycounter. Let them try the 'calculator' level or the 'computer' level and see if they can count as good as you do!.

BlooneyCounter is a beautifully made physics game and if you play it often, your stats are getting better every time.


The sums of Level 1 consist of sums of where one remaining number is needed to make the total complete.

These are only addition and subtraction sums.


The sums of Level 2 consist of sums of which the total of two or more numbers are needed to be make the sum complete.

These are only addition and subtraction sums.


The sums of Level 3 are composed of multiplication combined with addition and subtraction.

Find the correct numbers to equal the total.


The Level 4 sums are difficult, they are sums with multiplication and the total sum can have a result of three numbers.

Because of the time pressure is very difficult to reach the top. But not impossible!.